Young Scholars’ Forum

The Young Scholar’s Forum will take place over the course of the Summer institute. Each participant will be given the opportunity to fill a time slot of 30 to 45 minutes with a presentation about something they are interested in and want to pass on or discuss. The presentation may take many forms, but should broadly fit into one of the following categories:

  • “Methodological Workshop” for those participants, or groups of two or more participants, who want to pass on their particular knowledge of a method
  • “Own Research” for those who want to present and discuss their own research and how it relates to the topic of the Summer Institute
  • “Discussion Prompt: Applied Issue/ Theoretical Concept” for those who – in the spirit of the Summer Institute’s topic – want to prompt a discussion and give sufficient background either about an applied issue (and which theories could be useful in addressing it) or a theoretical concept (and which applied issues it could help address)

The inputs will be broadly grouped according to their topics to form Young Scholars’ Forum sessions, which will complement the project work and workshops as well as lectures given by the faculty of the Summer Institute.