Applications & Stipends

IRSI3 is a twelve-day event, from July 24 (arrival day) to August 5 (departure day). All students are expected to attend during the whole period of the Summer Institute. Applications for shorter periods of time will not be considered.


Thanks to the exceptionally generous funding of the Volkswagen Stiftung, all successful applicants will receive a full stipend covering the participation fee, board, lodging, and social program. The stipend will also cover travel costs (within reasonable limits dependent on the country of origin). However, please note that travel costs can only be reimbursed after IRSI3. Besides, note that the costs for visa applications cannot be covered.

Who may apply?

The Summer Institute will include doctoral students, early-stage post-docs, and advanced master students from all disciplines concerned with rationality research. They may be enrolled, in particular, in psychology, philosophy, economics, social sciences, or computer science. Applications should include a short CV that is informative about the applicant’s affiliation, subject major, and current status. The CV should indicate the name of a supervisor or senior scientist willing to provide a reference upon request. In addition, a statement of interest depicting the origin of the applicant’s interest in as well as relation to rationality research and general motivation to participate (maximally one page). Applicants should also provide an informative title for their potential Young Scholars’ Forum presentation and indicate which category it could be classed as.

We will do our best to organise the summer institute so as to minimise the risk of infection with COVID-19. Accordingly, we require all applicants to be fully vaccinated, and ideally boosted, if locally available.

The deadline for applications is: April 1, 2022. Notifications of acceptance will be sent soon after.

How to apply?

We will only accept applications in English. Applications should be sent per e-mail to and include the following documents, ideally in a single PDF document:

  1. A short statement of interest, explaining your interest in, as well as relation to, rationality research and why you would like to participate in IRSI3 (max. 1 page)
  2. A short curriculum vitae, indicating your affiliation, subject major and current status, which may also include a list of publications (if applicable)
  3. The name of a supervisor or senior scientist willing to provide a reference upon request (indicated on the CV)
  4. An informative title for your potential presentation at the Young Scholars’ Forum and which category it can be classed as (i.e. “Methodological”, “Own Research”, “Discussion Prompt – Theoretical”, or “Discussion Prompt – Applied”; see Young Scholars’ Forum for more information)
  5. Scans of certificates (Master’s degree and/or PhD certificate; Bachelor’s degree [only if it is currently your highest degree]; please include a translation of documents which are not in English or German [we accept your own translation], including information on the respective grading system
  6. An estimate of your travel costs including travel cancellation insurance that also covers COVID-19 related costs such as quarantine.

++++++++++Application deadline is April 1, 2022++++++++++